Equine Paddock Maintenance

horse field cleaning

For the the removal of muck from your paddocks we use a logic paddock sweeper. The sweeper clears all the muck from your fields quickly and efficiently. The aim of the paddock sweeper is to keep a healthy paddock for the horses. If the is carried out regularly it can reduce you worm count and keeping your paddock clean and tidy. The paddock sweeper also grooms the grass removing any dead grass and helps prevent thatching therefore helping new grass growth and better grazing for the horse.

Paddock Maintenance Services

Fertilizing -

Fertilizer is used to feed the ground and encourage a healthy grass growth. The fertilizer requirements can vary depending on condition of the the paddock.

Harrowing -

Harrowing removes all the dead matter from the paddock and allows air and light into the grass to encourage a healthy growth. in addition to that the harrow scan level out any poaching caused by the horse especially round gate ways, fence lines and around feeding areas.

horse grass paddock maintenance

Topping -

Topping the paddocks are a way of preventing ragwort and other weeds from going to seed. It removes and tall unpalatable grass allowing new grass to geminate and be more palatable to the horse.

Grass Re-seeding -

In the equine paddock the are always poached parts, therefore there is a requirement for re-seeding in the paddock to keep the the grass available for the horses.